New DualShock 4 Controller Available As Standalone Product

The brand new upgraded DualShock 4 controller is now available in North America. The product is being shipped by Amazon and if you are interested in buying the new PS4 controller, click here.

This is a new DualShock 4 controller that Sony has launched alongside the PlayStation 4 Slim. The controller was only available with the new console, but now it is available as a standalone product. There are no major changes in the new controller compared to the old one, however, this new controller has a thin strip on top of the touch pad that lights up like the light on the top of the controller.



The new light strip placement helps both, the player and the PlayStation Camera, identify and track the light. Some games change the color of the light according to what goes on in the game. For instance, if your character’s health in the game is low, then the light on your controller will change from green to red.

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Another feature that the new DualShock 4 controller provides is the wired controller feature. This allows you to connect your controller to the PS4 via USB cable. If you are a PS4 user that prefers wired controllers over wireless controllers, then you can simply choose the Wired connection option. This new controller will also be available with the upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro. Both the upgraded controller, and the upgraded console will be in the same bundle.

What are your thoughts on the new controller? Will you be ordering the new DualShock 4? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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