New Dying Light and The Following Update Is Out, What Does It Do?

Developer Techland has released a new Dying Light update today including one for The Following. What exactly is included in this update?

Dying Light has been updated to a new version on PS4 and Xbox One. The update version depends on the region of your game.  The most recent update version is Dying Light version 1.19 for the regular version but it can be lower depending on your game’s region. For those who have The Following edition of the game that also comes with an expansion, the latest version is 1.13.

Dying Light The Following Update Version 1.13 and 1.19 Full Patch Notes

  • Adds support for Dying Light Godfather Bundle

Here is the official description of this bundle.

Travel back to the romantic golden age of the Mob, when gangsters had style and a code of honor. Put on the smart new outfit and become The Don, dressed to kill and ready to cruise around the family’s turf in the new Capo buggy.

Make an example of a snitch with the mesmerizing Omertà (a knife that grants you bonus XP), unleash your wrath with Vendetta (a powerful SMG), and remember you always have your trusty Consigliere (a pistol with some extra damage). All weapons are masterfully engraved and inlaid with gold.

Currently, there are no patch notes available for this update but we will update the article once we get our hands on the official source.

Dying Light and The Following is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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