New The Elder Scrolls Online Game Update Out Now

ZeniMax Online Studios released a game update for their popular MMO known as The Elder Scrolls Online. Fans have been waiting for this new update for quite some time as the game has a few glitches and bugs that have been spoiling their gaming experience.

Fans have come across glitches and bugs while on their quests and have been experiencing connection issues which make the game unplayable and this game update resolves all these issues. The update also fixed the issues related to the graphics, and an animation-related memory leak, as well as the problem with a devour of same corps multiple times by the werewolf.


Fans have also reported bugs related to their characters and their powers which has also been fixed. They also added the option to reset the boss scene if your character is glitched or stuck and is unable to continue.

It seems that the game update has fixed all the bugs and glitches with the quests as well as resolving the connection issues. Now the game runs a whole lot better, and the fans can continue exploring the world of The Elder Scrolls Online without any interruption. Are you still facing any issues after the game update? Let us know in the comments below.

Abdullah Raza


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