New Exciting Details Revealed for PS4 Exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn

During the PlayStation E3 coverage, which is going on right now on the PlayStation Twitch channel, the PlayStation Social Media Specialist Ryan Clements did an interview with Guerrilla Games’ Hermen Hulst and Mathijs de Jonge, the game directors of Horizon: Zero Dawn. Together they explained some exciting new stuff about their new franchise.


This is a project that the team of Guerrilla Games in Amsterdam has been working of for now 4 and an half years, when the work on Killzone 3 was wrapped, Mathijs and a small team of 20 people began brainstorming, doing prototypes and concepts about this new IP. Eventually the team at Guerrilla shipped Killzone Shadowfall and a bigger team began working on what we’re seeing now.


Horizon: Zero Dawn is set in a post-post-apocalyptic world, 1,000 years after the disaster in which the nature has entirely reclaimed the land, humans are no longer the dominant species and instead the “Machines” are the ones who rule the world. HUmans are grouped in tribes and one of the main factors of the game is the contrast between primitive tribes and advanced technological machines.


Aloy is the main character, she’s around 20 years old and is a machine hunter. She’s one of the best hunters of her tribe and she’s very agile. Mathijs goes on saying that “she has to be very clever” because in the game there is a lot of strategy involved, in the way you find out how to defeat these machines via their weak points. From hunting these machines you get the loot to craft new weapons, ammonition and tools.


Horizon: Zero Dawn is a “seamless open world”, and the game will have “a large variety” of machines, they go from small, like the “watchers” shown in the gameplay trailer, to the big ones and everything in between. The game is in Pre-Alpha but it looks already stunning. In fact, Hermes says that they have been pushing their art and tech “to the max” in terms of graphics. What helped the team in accomplishing all of this, is that they had a PS4 engine and accumulated experience with Killzone: Shadowfall as a launch title.


Since Horizon: Zero Dawn is an open world action RPG, Ryan asks what the RPG component in the game will be and Mathijs explains that you hunt small machines to be able to collect resources to then hunt bigger ones. The game will have a lot of quests, in fact the one we saw in the demo was one of the story quests. From Shinobi602, which has been teasing the game for a long time before its reveal, we learn that Horizon is a Single Player only game, it will feature a weather system and a day/night cycle. The game is targeting a 2016 release.

I’m absolutely stoked about this game and it is my favorite game of this year’s E3. Let us know in the comments what you think about Horizon.

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