Xbox Live is getting new features

Today, during Microsoft’s briefing, Mike Ybarra, Head of Platform Engineering announced new features coming to Xbox Live that’ll make it a lot more social.

Firstly, much like Playstation’s ‘community’ feature, Microsoft have announced ‘Clubs’ for Xbox Live. These will serve primarily to let users create pre-defined groups or communities that exist outside of games. It’ll also include a few tools such as persistent chat which will allow friends to hang out, even after finishing a round or two of their favourite games. Its a party chat of sorts.


Secondly, XBL is now getting LFG (Looking for group) where players can matchmake with one another in order to connect with other players who are interested in doing something at that specific time. For example, you might want to raid in Destiny or go for an Incursion in The Division. Simply post that you’re looking for someone to group with, and your request will appear on the game’s main page.

Finally announced is Arena, a new tournament platform on Xbox Live. According to Ybarra, Arena is “the easiest way to discover register and compete in one place.” Players can either compete solo or with friends.

Microsoft went on to announce that popular games such as Smite, World of Tanks and FIFA would be among the first few games supported by Arena. There are many more on the way!

What do you think about the new features coming to XBL? Comment below!

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