New Final Fantasy XV details comes from Famitsu

Japan’s biggest gaming magazine Famitsu published a huge article on Final Fantasy XV that reveals a lot of information on the game’s battle system, characters, weapons, character involvement and more. Thanks Gematsu for the tidy translation.

The development team has been working extra hard to make Final Fantasy XV super pretty, they’ve progressed a lot and improved immensely coming from last gen.


Luminous Studio

  • The current version of the engine is version 1.40. When the Episode Duscae demo launches, it will be at 1.50. The final version of the game is planned to be 2.00.
  • There are about five million polygons per frame, witch each character made up of at max 100,000 polygons. The inner hair alone has about 20,000 polygons, which is five times the previous generation.
  • Character models have around 600 bones, which is roughly 10-12 times greater than what was seen last generation.
  • Data capacity for textures is also much greater than before.

Final Fantasy XV

  • Battles against huge enemies are carried out in the same fashion as standard battles, but there will be some exclusive party co-op ctions for the bigger fights.
  • There will be several mini-games, including fishing.
  • Restalm (we called it Restaru, then Restarg, we were wrong twice – it’s hard to play by ear sometimes) is being made in the image of the Bahamas.
  • Right now, the ropeway in Restalm cannot be rode. We might add the ability to ride it if there is time to do so.
  • The development team wants players to get a feel for the world and find it relatable not just through sheer visuals, but also through the characters.
  • In town, you can stay in hotels or go shopping.
  • NPCs in town are controlled by AI, and you can talk to them.
  • Restalm is a main town in the first half of the game.
  • Cindy shows up in different places throughout the game. Something happens with her at the start that shakes her up and gets her moving around.
  • While she’s not deeply involved in the story, she’s relevant because of her profession as a mechanic.
  • Players will have to fight Summon Beasts in order to be able to use them.
  • Summon Beasts in the game are a symbol of the power of stars. Only Noctis can actually summon them.
  • Combat-wise, the plan is holding down a button will start a set combo, but timed button presses are what will enable coordinated moves with other party members.
  • To parry enemy attacks, you have to match the timing of their strike. This is intended for expert players.
  • Magic isn’t what consumes MP, nor is the system akin to the Draw system Final Fantasy VIII had.
  • MP is consumed by using special actions, such as dodging and warping.
  • Weapons are equipped several at a time, with one main weapon. The main weapon has a corresponding ability, and it’s also possible to switch the main weapon during combat.
  • Combos are automatically formulated based on which weapon is currently being utilized out of the ones being equipped.
  • Abilities aren’t separate from a weapon’s given category and there are also weapons that have no abilities at all. Apparently not unlike what was seen in Captain Tsubasa 5, a game that Tabata apparently worked on back in the day.
  • Rare weapons that can be acquired from dungeons and other sketchy areas could potentially have some hack-and-slash aspects to how they’re used. The Phantom Sword, which floats in midair, will also be acquirable as a special weapon.
  • The battle system from the demo is planned to be fully featured.
  • After the Tokyo Game Show this year, the systems going into the demo were slightly changed as a result of fan feedback.
  • Players will also be able to run around in areas such as the mountainous areas where the Behemoths roam.
  • In the full version, you’ll be able to rent Chocobos.
  • Camps are inherently designed to be a safe haven, making them ideal headquarters when setting out to explore new areas.
  • There are bonuses that come with cooking ingredients purchased in towns and cities. You can also get ingredients off monsters in the wild.

Square Enix also mentioned that they’re planning on releasing the Final Fantasy Type-0 HD soundtrack, more information on that later.

Sounds like there will be a lot of content in Final Fantasy XV, something which fans complained was severely missing from the Final Fantasy XIII series. So far so great, can’t wait for the demo in March next year!

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