Nomura’s interview with Famitsu reveals Final Fantasy XV details

Famitsu had an interview with director Tetsuya Nomura, the man behind Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV. Thanks to Gamefaqs user, fireferret98, we have the details.


  • First of all, players will be able to ride monsters, such as Behemoths and large bosses in order to reach their weak points (Shadow of the Colossus, anyone?) and take down specific parts as they go.
  • Although the game has changed it’s name and platform, the story is still entirely the same.
  • According to Nomura, the camera is flawed right now, but will be changed in the final product. He wants to make the camera feel more realistic as if the players are watching the events unfold in front of them. He wants it to feel like someone is recording the events of the game.
  • The team is very close to closing the gap between real time and pre-rended scenes so the final product will look even better than what we see now.
  • Cor is a 42 year old character who wields a Katana. In Japan, people of 42 years are said to attract misfortune at this age. It is called, Yakudoshi(Unlucky age).
  • The red headed male and the older male with the sharp glare are two enemies of Noctis. There are other enemies that we have not yet seen.
  • The voice actor for the red headed character is Fujiwara Keiji, the same person who did the voice acting for Reno and Axel, both of whom were red heads too. This is the reason this character is red-headed.
  • Nomura admits that the trailer was full of main characters although he introduced a new female character.
  • The team is looking to expand the game through online content. They are also looking into expanding it to the Vita and tablets. According to Nomura, the game would be a waste of money and time if this game ended after one play through, being offline.
  • FFXV will be present at the Tokyo Game Show, and will also receive occasional updates through media outlets such as Famitsu.
  • Many say that Japanese game development has fallen behind the West. Nomura wants to prove, using Final Fantasy XV, that this won’t happen in the next console generation.

This is some good information, in my opinion. It’s also nice to see that the game is no longer hiding in the shadows. Nomura is being open about it, and we are receiving occasional updates. Lets hope for a new trailer at TGS later this year.


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