New Final Fantasy XV Trailer Reveals Moogle Gameplay

As Final Fantasy XV quickly approaches it’s release date, fans are finding it harder and harder to contain their anticipation. Now Square Enix has decided to tempt them just a bit more with the release of the Final Fantasy XV – Moogle Gameplay trailer.

For those of you who might be long term fans of the Final Fantasy franchise, you may know that Moogles have become a sort of mascot for the series, starting from their first appearance in Final Fantasy III. This time around however is a little bit different as Moogles will not be a race, but will instead appear as special usable items. Ouch.

The trailer, seen above, shows protagonist Noctis using the Moogles as an item to distract and lure enemies. Tossing the doll into the fray with enemies will not only divert their attention to the Moogle, allowing you a breather or time to escape, but will also allow you to gather a crowd in order to collectively attack them using area attacks.


Bear in mind though that the Moogle can only withstand a certain amount of damage before it is destroyed, bringing the attention your enemies back to you. Certain enemies like the hulking Behemoth are also immune to it’s effects.

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Final Fantasy XV is set to release on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 on 29th November, 2016.

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