The New Forge TV by Razer: How will it Impact on the Gaming World?

There were a number of prolific companies featured at this years’ CES event, with gaming peripheral outlet Razer among the most prominent. This brand released a large number of innovative and exciting products, none more so that the Android gaming micro console Forge TV. Lightweight, graphically adept and easy to use, the latest entry to this marketplace has already had a significant impact and generated highly positive responses.  The exact question that remains is how it will impact on the mobile gaming market and its potential for leading cross-platform experiences?

Forge TV: Taking Android Gaming to a New, Exalted Level

In basic terms, Razer’s innovative and exceptionally well-designed Forge TV was built to deliver mobile gaming and entertainment to the big screen. This represents one of the most prominent gaming trends in 2015, as the demand for cross-platform experiences has finally been met with innovative and purposeful hardware solutions. From Chromecast and Apple TV to Razer’s latest output, gamers will soon be able to access a large and diverse range of titles that are accessible across multiple platforms. Forge TV remains a ground-breaking product release, however, simply because it is a dedicated gaming device that is targeted specifically at Android users.


So while Forge TV is the latest in a range of innovative products that enable cross-platform gaming, it is the first to target mobile and Android users. This will instantly bring a huge number of popular mobile and social titles to the big screen, from virtual casino games and Royal Vegas Australian Pokies to themed slot machines and console-inspired adventures. It will also achieve this without compromising on its visual performance or screenplay, as it is equipped with full, high-definition graphics and the precise Razer Serval controller. These features help to recreate the immersive and responsive nature of mobile gaming on a larger and more accessible scale.

The Last Word for Gamers

With such power, performance and innovation packaged in a sleek product, the age of big screen mobile gaming may have finally arrived. The quad-core processor also enables Forge TV to process multiple games simultaneously, alongside additional media and any mobile applications that are available through the Android platform. There is therefore absolutely no compromise on performance and in fact the product’s ability to replicate mobile experiences on the big screen helps to elevate smartphone gaming to an entirely new level.

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