New Grand Theft Auto V Details Revealed

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V is still the center of attraction for gamers everywhere. The highly anticipated game has gotten new details through a Brazilian magazine, coupled with old details that we already knew about. Apparently, the magazine had an interview with Rockstar and also received two tips.

Here are the new details that were featured in the magazine:

1. Heists will not be a part of the central gameplay story. I guess this means that we can perform heists whenever we want to, which should be pretty fun and a source of instant money.
2. Franklin’s missions will consist of gang wars and street racing.
3. DLC will be available for the game in the future.
4. Each character’s special ability can be activated by pressing the left analog stick on the controller.
5. Bus routes will be present in the game.
6. Photos taken in the game can be uploaded to the Social Club.
7. Franklin was the only character who’s look was heavily altered since the beginning of the game development.

Rockstar also provided two tips.

1. Tip #1 is that if you’re planning to steal and fly a plane, use Trevor as he is the best pilot.
2. Tip #2 is that if you’re planning to drive out of the ‘crazy city’, use Franklin as he is the best driver.


The magazine had some old details as well.

1. Michael will have bullet time, like in the Max Payne games, being useful in firefights.
2. Franklin can use slow motion in cars in order to make sharp or risky turns.
3. Trevor will only take 50% damage and give 200% damage.
4. Trevor is present with drug-addicts and bikers (The Lost from GTAIV) while Franklin’s home is in Las Santos.
5. Michael starts the game living in a hotel as he is under FBI protection. He is rich from the start
6. Franklin has started his criminal career and is moving up, a typical GTA character.
7. Unlike previous GTA games, the map in Grand Theft Auto V will be completely open right from the start.
8. Michael’s missions will be high-risk with the big shots of Los Santos.
9. Initially, Michael was supposed to be the only protagonist in Grand Theft Auto V.
10. Trevor is the third character in the series to appear in his underwear, next to CJ and Toni Cipriani.
11. Trevor has 2 tattoo patterns: “Cut here” and “f*ck you” on the neck and the fingers.
12. Players can perform base jumps. According to Rockstar, these are a way of enjoying the scenery.
13. Grand Theft Auto V will not be as serious as previous GTA games. This one is more ‘fun’.
14. There are plenty motocross tracks in the mountains.
15. Hitchhikers will be present in the game, especially in the interior.
16. There will still be the sight on the hood of the car, but will not make you seasick much of the car rocking, because the car is “firmly on the ground.”
17. The game will have a lot of sports involved, including yoga, golf, tennis etc.
18. Characters can change their hairstyles.
19. Dan Houser said: It is better to have minigames well made ​​and cool than 5 minigames half mouth and cloying.
20. Franklin is devoid of money and family.
21. The game will have a social network where you can see videos and pictures.
22. Lamar is Franklin’s colleague and a member of Grove Street.
23. There are many ways to customize your weapons, including attaching silencers, extended silencers and scopes.
24. The reticle is like the one in Max Payne 3. It’s a white dot that turns red when an enemy is targeted, and then turns into a cross when the enemy is dead.
25. There are 3 modes sights, the traditional called Soft Lock the Free Aim, without any help and Hard Lock.
26. Car customization is really vast. There are a number of things that you can change about cars, such as their rims, brakes, suspensions, spoilers and paints.

Grand Theft Auto V is expected to arrive on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on the 17th of September, 2013.

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