New GTA V Details Surface

With only 59 days left for GTA V’s release, more details just keep on coming. Today, a Spanish site by the name of Area Jugones (meaning “Area Hardcore Gamers”) released some new information regarding the game. Although this information has not been officially confirmed by Rockstar to be authentic, I believe it is very probable that it is true.

Here are the details they gave out:

  • Each character’s special abilities can be activated by pressing L3 on the controller.
  • Franklin starts at the bottom of the crime ladder, restoring cars for a “crappy” Armenian named Simeon Yetaria.
  • Each character’s bank balance can be checked through ATM’s across the city.
  • There are hitchhikers in the game who you can pick up and drop at their destination. (I hope this yield’s some prizes or cash)
  • Michael can attempt to rob ATM’s in a mini-game.
  • Internet cafes that we saw in GTA IV have been removed. Instead, the web can be browsed using the character’s cell phone.
  • A car’s gas/oil tank can be drilled to leak the oil. You can then drive the car into a group of enemies, ignite the oil trail and watch your enemies blow up along with the car.
  • You can customize your dog with hundreds of accessories. (‘Hundred’ seems quite bold. I doubt this one.)
  • Your pet can die or get lost. Another one can be purchased at the pet store.
  • Animals can be killed and their meat can be sold at places such as food factories and farms. This meat is then used by joints such as Burger Shot. (I don’t see how the player will know that it is that same meat that he/she obtained though).
  • If you park your car on the street without a parking ticket, it will be towed away. You can recover it by paying the fine at the municipal department. In case you’ve put a lot of work into the car, you’ll definitely want it back.
  • There are underwater exploration missions which Rockstar considers a game ‘apart’.

I think it’s safe to assume that these details are more or less accurate since they seem very likely. Then again, you never know.

You can watch the game’s gameplay trailer here.

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