New Guilty Gear to be Unlike Recent Arc System Works Titles

The next entry in the Guilty Gear series may be less complex, but it will differ from recent Arc System Works titles according to the game’s Director, Akira Katano.

In a recent interview with Game Watch, Katano was asked about the game’s accessibility, and if would be tailored more towards new players. In reply, he had this to say:

Rather than having the mechanics aimed at beginners, I want to make it more uncomplicated, close to that I’m thinking. Because I don’t have a specific report on this, this a conceptual comment I have made but it would be in a different form, not similar to BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle and I want a wide range players to have the ability play if possible I think.

This makes it clear it will differ not only from BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle but also from the upcoming Granblue Fantasy Versus.  The first opportunity to see the new system mechanics in action will be at Arc Revo America 2019 which is taking place November 16 -17th in Irvine, CA where attendees will be able to go hands-on with the title for the first time.

GearNuke will be Irvine for Arc Revo America and will provide thoughts and impressions from the show floor.

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