Ana Amari Joins Overwatch Roster As Support Sniper

Overwatch developer, Blizzard, have just revealed the new support hero, Ana Amari. Ana will be the 22nd hero to join the Overwatch roster. The developers recently teased the fans with an image of a rifle. The prototype biotic rifle belongs to non other then the new hero, Ana Amari.

Ana Amari is a support sniper, and has the ability to both, heal allies and deal damage to enemy heroes, by firing at them with her rifle. This is a very rare mechanic for a FPS game, and is a brand new ability in Overwatch. Ana Amari also has the ability to put her enemies to sleep, this ability cancels their ultimates and disables them for a short period of time.

Ana Amari Overwatch png

Ana has an amazing ultimate which grants allies a big damage and speed buff. This ultimate can have a huge impact in the game and change the tide of battle in an instant. You can see just how devastating the ultimate is in the character trailer below:

Eurogamer also released an Origins trailer for the character, which revealed Ana Amari’s past. Ana is the mother of Pharah, and was an Overwatch agent before she was severely wounded by Widowmaker. Ana let the world believe that she died when she was shot by Widowmaker.

Ana Amari has not been added to the game yet, however, the hero is playable in the Overwatch Public Test Realm starting today.

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