New Info On inFAMOUS: Second Son From Taipei Game Show

inFamous: Second Son was one of the main attractions in the Taipei Game Show in Taiwan. Fans got a chance to play the demo of the game.

We learned more about the control scheme, of course only related to the powers. The powers that have been unveiled so far are the smoke and neon. A list of controls is given below:

  • L2: moderate zoom over the shoulder, somewhat similar to the view of a third person shooter, but a bit further back.
  • R2: Shoots a ranged attack with the currently selected power.
  • Square: Melee attack in smoke mode, high speed warp with afterimage in neon mode. The neon warp allows to “walk in the air,” run up walls and dash from roof to roof.
  • X: Jump.
  • X followed by Square: air dash attack.
  • Circle: Interact.
  • Circle near a vent, followed by Square: In smoke mode Delsin gets sucked into the vent and propelled into the air. Pressing square while falling creates a flashy shockwave attack.
  • D-pad down: Karma bomb. This is situational and apparently works only in certain conditions.

The Dualshock 4 touch pad plays a big part in the game. It is used in opening doors, activating fingerprint scanners, absorbing elements from nearby sources, releasing prisoners, etc.


You can only equip one power at a time and switch between them but not while flying. To switch, you have to find a source of that element and absorb it in order to change. Smoke powers are stronger in melee, while Neon powers are more effective for ranged attacks, with faster and more accurate energy bullets.

However powers are not unlimited. Like in the previous games. You have to absorb energy from sources around you to replenish your powers.

Abdullah Raza


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