New interview with David Cage hints strongly at Beyond: Two Souls for PlayStation 4

A new interview of David Cage has popped up on internet and there were a lot of new details revealed about Beyond: Two Souls. Among them, the biggest was perhaps their new engine, which is specially made for parallel development on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

Beyond: Two Souls is a upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive that is going to release at the end of its life cycle. It doesn’t make any sense to release it on PlayStation 3 only when a new console is going to release so soon.

AlloCiné, a french entertainment website, conducted an interview with David Cage and mostly focused on the development of Beyond: Two Souls. The interviewer asked David Cage about how they started working on the tech for Beyond Two Souls to which Cage replied that they have built an entirely new graphics engine, which is largely based on parallel development for the PlayStation 3 and 4.

Yes, they are aiming for Parallel development with PlayStation 4 and while Sony hasn’t officially commented on Beyond Two Souls for PlayStation 4, the engine already has support for it and therefore it will make zero sense to doubt a Beyond: Two Souls re-release on PlayStation 4 with 1080p and perhaps 60 fps as well.

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Beyond: Two Souls on PlayStation 3 is targeting a 720p resolution at 30 fps. There have been plenty of “bullshots” which show a resolution higher than this and they look extremely beautiful. If Sony can release Beyond: Two Souls on PlayStation 4, it will definitely look closer to the “bullshots”.

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