New Killzone: Shadow Fall build shows improved character models

Killzone Shadow Fall has gone gold for quite a while now. We have also gotten our hands on an ultra quality multiplayer footage from the game that not only looked stunning, it also seemed to be running at 60 fps. Now it seems like the character models have also gotten an upgrade over the original unveil back at PlayStation Meeting Conference in February.

A new GIF shows the difference between both character models clearly. The textures seems to have been improved, the way the god ray appear through the transitioning camouflage also appears to be much more subtle now. Beyond the artistic difference in lighting, which appears more natural now, the character models have also gotten cosmetic changes i.e the glasses of the soldier and his uniform.

You can check out this change in the GIFs below.

killzone-comparison-1 killzone-comparison-2 killzone-shadowfall-characters

Killzone: Shadow Fall is going to be launch title for the PlayStation 4. Earlier, it was officially confirmed that Killzone: Shadow Fall will run at an unlocked frame rate for both Single Player and Multiplayer. The single player campaign was also confirmed to take at least 10 hours for a full playthrough. Killzone: Shadow Fall will also use a hybrid approach for its multiplayer, where normal matches will be made using peer-to-peer connections but the stats and match-making will be done at server side. Multiplayer tweaking can also be done server side without the need for any patch.

What do you think of this new change in the character models? Let us know in the comments below.

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