New Kingdom Hearts 3 Footage confirmed in Nomura’s “Conversation with Creators” Interview

Earlier, we reported that we might get a Kingdom Hearts 3 “Conversation with Creators” Interview with Tetsuya Nomura for official playstationjp YouTube channel. Now it seems like this interview will contain new footage for Kingdom Hearts 3, which is supposed to be shown at D23 Expo this month in Japan.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is the long awaited conclusion to the Kingdom Hearts trilogy. Kingdom Hearts is a extremely popular action RPG, which has spawned numerous spin-offs on handhelds/consoles and about 2 mainline games. The conclusion to Kingdom Hearts series is long awaited and will finally arrive on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

KH13 got their hands on a tweet by Play Community in which Nomura said:

I still don’t have much information on KHIII that I can release to the public, but I spoke to the extent I was able. Please enjoy the interview, along with part of the new clip that will be released at the event this month.

So seems like there might be new footage that will be shown at D23 expo and it will be also contained in the Tetsuya Nomura’s Interview for “Conversation with Creators” series. We hope it is longer than a few seconds and gives us a glimpse of some of the characters and worlds of Kingdom Hearts 3.

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