New Line of Sight Game Mode Added To Battlefield 1

DICE has just added a brand new game mode to Battlefield 1. The new Line of Sight game mode is a variant of Rush. However, the custom game mode has a few restrictions.

In Battlefield 1, players can choose between four classes at a time. You can choose between the Assault, Medic, Support or Scout class. However, while playing the Line of Sight game mode, players will only be able to choose between two of the four classes. You can only choose between the Medic class and the Scout class, but there’s a twist.

Battlefield 1

The sniper rifles of the scout class do double the damage in the Line of Sight game mode. Which means, you can take out enemies with a single bullet. Unfortunately, the Medic class has not been changed for the game mode. The game mode is available exclusively on the Suez Canal map.

Line of Sight also removes air and land vehicles from the game, which is not a surprise considering that the assault class is not available in the game mode. So the game mode involves nothing but firefights.

This is the second custom game mode that DICE has added to Battlefield 1. Back in November, DICE released a game mode called Fog of War, which added thick fog to the map. The game mode reduce visibility and featured close quarter combat.

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Line of Sight in now available in the Custom Games tab of the Battlefield 1 multiplayer menu. The new game mode is now available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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