New Mass Effect 4 gets teased at E3

New Mass Effect 4 gets teased at E3

Looks like Commander Shepard (may or may not) will be returning to play as the protagonist for another Mass Effect sequel that was momentarily teased by Bioware developers during EA’s press conference at E3 2014. The long time games publishing company, EA provided a brief, yet momentous ‘behind the scenes look’ of the new Mass Effect along with teasing a brand new project.


Even though there was no actual gameplay footage displayed or even a title that the next Mass Effect will be bearing, one thing is certainly confirmed; the new Mass Effect is confirmed to be bigger than ever, featuring a wide roster of a new cast of characters, a whole new world along and bigger campaign levels.

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”4H1FN2_–EM”]

In addition, news was also teased that the player will effortlessly be able to move from one planet to the other in order to search its surface and scavenge for any items that may possess even a slight amount of significance to the core plot of the game. Furthermore, behemoth sized creatures called Krogans (few of them which aided Shepard in his fight against the Reapers and collectors) were redesigned, so we now know what they will look like in the game. There is great news for multi platform gamers because the next Mass Effect title will be released for  the PC, Xbox One and the PS4.


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