New Metal Gear Online DLC will feature Quiet as a playable character

Konami has just announced that Quiet will soon be featured as a playable character in Metal Gear Online as part of a new Metal Gear Online DLC that will be arriving soon. Other content featured in the new content includes 3 new maps, namely Rust Palace, Azure Mountain, and Coral Complex.


The tweet on MGO’s official Twitter account can be seen below.

Quiet is played as a scout class character in Metal Gear Online, and she’ll have the ability to cloak herself during combat in addition to being equipped with her butterfly sniper rifle.

A preview of the new maps can be seen in the gallery below.


A number of appeal pack will also be available as part of the new DLC. A preview of these can be seen below.


The paid DLC will be accompanied by a patch that will bring new options, tweaks and balance changes to Metal Gear Online in March. In addition, the update will also add new background music from series such as Boktai and Zone of the Enders.

A new ranking system will also be introduced, which will be based on player skill. Those who remember the Survival Mode from Metal Gear Online for the PS3 will be glad to know that the same mode will also be added to its latest incarnation in March. The online community manager for Metal Gear Online, Robert Peeler, also teased a new gameplay mode, which is set to be added to MGO sometime during the same month.

While the new additions sound great, Metal Gear Online is desperately in need of new game modes as well as a clan system in order to expand its user base. We hope Konami delivers on that front via a future update. In the meantime, share your thoughts on the content included with this new DLC in the comments below.

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