The New Nintendo 3DS releases in Europe and North America this February

Released in Japan and the UK last year, Europe and North America will be getting the New Nintendo 3DS next month. Europe will be getting both the standard and XL versions of the New Nintendo 3DS while North America will unfortunately only get the XL version.

Those in North America wanting the standard 3DS can’t even import the European model since all of Nintendo’s consoles are region locked, which mean games bought in North America won’t work with a European 3DS and vice versa.


The New Nintendo 3DS includes a wide array of improvements including better Stereoscopic 3D, more power full hardware, a second stick to use with certain games like Monster Hunter 4 and more.

Unlike the XL version of the New Nintendo 3DS, the standard version had the ability to use custom faceplates which adds a lot of personalization to the portable console.

February 13 is the day fans in Europe and North America will be able to get their hands on the New 3DS. In North America the XL will be sold for $199 and will not include an AC adapter. Nintendo also revealed the release date for New Nintendo 3DS exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles 3D.

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