New No Man’s Sky Trailer Takes A Look At Trade

Sony has now revealed the newest trailer for No Man’s Sky, and this one takes a closer look at the game’s trading mechanics.

The trailer, titled “TRADE”, shows the player collecting items from a number of sources across planets. We see everything from harvesting plants, mining boulders and even destroying meteoroids as a means of gathering resources.

The video then shows how this cargo can be taken to space stations, where it can be sold or used to craft or upgrade equipment, one scene even shows the player interacting with a piece of damaged machinery in order to salvage blueprints from it. Trading will be a very important aspect of No Man’s Sky, and Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games, has previously even mentioned how it is entirely possible to play the game solely as a trader.


Preceded by “EXPLORE” and “FIGHT“, “TRADE” is the third of the four trailers meant as a guide for the game before it’s launch. The fourth trailer, “SURVIVE”, is also expected to arrive soon.

No Man’s Sky is a space adventure game set in a procedurally generated universe of over 18 quintillion planets, all of which will only take up 6 GB on disk.

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The game also recently went gold, and is set for launch on the PlayStation 4 and PC on August 9th in North America, August 10th in Europe and August 12th in the UK.

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