New No Man’s Sky Update Coming Soon

This Tuesday, Hello Games’ highly anticipated No Man’s Sky finally came out for the PS4. The game has since been played by thousands of players around the world, and has received mixed reviews.

Like many new releases, No Man’s Sky has a few bugs that fans are having problems with. Earlier today, No Man’s Sky developer, Sean Murray, revealed that the team over at Hello Games is working on an update that will fix the bugs that the players have reported.

No Man's Sky

On the No Man’s Sky website, Murray said, “We’re tracking a number of issues, bugs and crashes that players are reporting, and working to resolve as soon as possible.”

He also talked about the large number of players that are playing the game for a long time period. He stated, “The number of people playing, and length of average play session, has been far more than our small team could have anticipated. That said, we’re working quickly to adapt.” Murray did not specify a time for the release of the update, as his team is still working “to get the PC release live.”

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Hello Games also opened a support page, where fans can report any bugs that they encounter while playing the game. So if you come across any glitches or bugs then you can head over to the support page and report the issue.

New games often have a few bugs that fans come across. It’s good to see that even with the PC release just around the corner, Hello Games are looking into the issues and are hard at work to fix them. The PC version of No Man’s Sky is set to be released later today.

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