New Persona 5 screenshots appear courtesy of leaked trailer

A bunch of brand new screenshots for Persona 5 are making their rounds around the internet. The images were first posted on 2chan, and the poster claims that they were grabbed from the trailer included with Persona 4: Dancing all Night.

Whether there is any truth to the leaker’s claims remains to be seen, but the screenshots do appear to be legitimate and consistent with the previously seen footage.

The screenshot shown below says “Persona 5 Confidential Footage”, and lists down a number of photos and videos, including the “2015 Persona SuperLive Announcement” video, the “2014 SCE Conference Announcement” video, and the “2013 Newsflash Persona Channel Announcement” video.


Interestingly, one of the other screenshots has the text “Steal Back Your Future” prominently stated on it. This could be another hint for the game’s underlying theme.


Another pair of screenshots indicate the protagonist’s status as a student during the daytime and a thief during the night.

persona53 persona54

As a thief, the main character is supposedly involved in performing heists. According to the leaker, the heist outfit for each character is loosely based on its respective persona. Further details can be seen below.


The remaining screenshots can be seen below.


Persona 5 is tentatively scheduled for a 2015 release on the PS4 and PS3. Let us know what you think of these leaked screenshots from the game in the comments below.

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