New Petition Demands Ubisoft To Cancel Far Cry 5, Calls It An ‘Insult’ To Fans

Far Cry 5 was recently revealed by Ubisoft and against all odds, it appears to be set in a fictional hope county in Montana, USA. The game has received some criticism since the official reveal that has to mainly do with way the Americans are portrayed in the reveal trailer and cover art. They appear to follow an extremist christian religious cult and together with the portrayal of ‘white people’ as killers, it has sparked a controversy online.

This has led to some ridiculous comments made by the fans over at Twitter, Facebook, official Ubisoft forums and now one fan has started a petition to cancel Far Cry 5 altogether, calling the game an insult to the fanbase.

“Enough is enough UbiSoft.  We’ve sat through your multicultural lectures and your preachy games aimed at degenerates and miscegenators.  We’ve tolerated it in the name of gameplay design and innovation.  But no more!  Far Cry 5 is an insult to your fanbase, the Americans who make up the majority of your customers, and it’s time you woke up to that fact.  Change this, or cancel it.” says the Petition creator.

The petition is then followed by a ridiculous set of demands that not only ask for Ubisoft to change the main villains, but to also alter the plot and setting for the game. In other words, the petition is so absurd that it basically asks for Ubisoft to create an entirely new Far Cry game from scratch.

Far Cry 5 is currently set to release on February 27th for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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