New Platformer Painter’s Apprentice Expected To Be Released Next Year

Luminosity Mobile has created a new 2D, side-scrolling platformer, Painter’s Apprentice, which is to be launched next year in October. The game, however, can only be released if $2,000 is pledged by Sunday, November, 2016.

The interesting concept of the game allows the player to become the apprentice of the Master Painter of the village. The user has the task of re-painting some of the paintings that have lost their color. Which ever painting players choose to paint, they find themselves inside it, facing various obstacles. A large paint brush is to be used as the main weapon in this game to defeat enemies.


The game has a bit of an educational element in to it. Each level has different paintings of famous artists, and uses a unique background that is based on certain art styles, for instance, expressionism.

The pledges start at $1 and can go till $50 or beyond. The higher the pledge, the more rewards a user can obtain. For example, a $15 pledge includes:

  • Digital copy of the game
  • Updates
  • Exclusive wallpaper
  • Name listed in credits.

On the other hand, a $50 or more pledge includes the previous rewards plus others, such as:

  • Group video session with Luminosity President
  • Digital copy of the game
  • Full digital soundtrack
  • Beta access to the Painter’s Apprentice, and a few more.

So if you want the game to launch on time, hurry up and go make a pledge to support new, innovative games like this one.


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