New PlayStation 4 Firmware Update 1.70 Causes Flickering and Black Screen

Today, the new Firmware Update 1.70 came out for the PlayStation 4 and added a ton of new features and that’s why it was the biggest update yet. Some of the new features are HD Streaming option on Twitch, the ability to save videos from your streams to your selected destination, side bar chat, etc but after downloading the update, many fans have been facing some issues.

A Reddit user posts a thread reporting a Black Screen bug that occurs when he deactivated the HDCP. The user said, “After playing around with a BF4 clip for a few minutes, and being quite impressed I realised I couldn’t hear any sound. So I backed out, went to Amazon to quickly play some TV to check that sound was working (quicker than loading a game, or so I thought) and went straight to a black screen. Despite numerous reboots, I’ve since been unable to connect directly from PS4–>HDMI–>TV. I just get the black screen. My Vita Remote Play showed the PS4 normally, and whenever I’ve hit Amazon since it’s said to Enable HDCP (makes sense).”

This user isn’t the only one who is facing this issue. Another Reddit user reported a similar issue, “Ever since I updated my ps4 has been flickering like crazy, even when not attached to my elgato capture card. It seems like once I turn HDCP off, it blinks like a mad man, and won’t stop til I turn it back on.. really confused and disappointed about this.”


Another Reddit user had a different issue. It wasn’t related to the display, instead his PlayStation 4 could not recognize his 500 GB external HDDs. A few PlayStation 4 owners have encountered another issue where their group chat closes as soon as they start playing a game.

Aside from the new issues the new Firmware update cause, it also fixed a few bugs such as the bug which corrupts your downloads when you start watching a videos on an app. This bug has been fixed and now you can simultaneously watch videos while downloading a game, or whatever you want, in the background. This patch also fixed the Trophy Sync bug so now PlayStation 4 owners will not encounter any issues while syncing their trophies.

Hopefully Sony will fix the display issues soon. We will keep you updated on the matter.

Abdullah Raza


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