New Playstation Plus feature lets you vote for your game of choice

The ‘What’s New’ section of the UK Playstation Store is now promoting a new feature that will allow Playstation Plus subscribers to vote for the free games they’d like to see added to the Instant Game Collection each month.


However, PS Plus subscribers will only be able to choose from a total of three games. The one with the highest number of votes will get selected as one of the subsequent month’s PS Plus titles. Those who pick one of the other two titles will also get something to be excited about, as these games will be available with special PS Plus discounts in the subsequent month.


The Playstation Store promotion is accompanied by a video that describes this brand new feature. If you’re in the UK, you can check it out for yourself by firing up your Playstation 4 and heading to the ‘What’s New’ section from the storefront menu.

Have you always wanted the option to have your say in the choice of PS Plus games offered each month? Or would you rather have Sony pick them for you? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Muhammad Ali Bari

Reviews Editor at GearNuke

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