New Pokemon, Alola Forms And Z-Moves Revealed For Pokemon Sun And Moon

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A couple of hours ago, The Official Pokemon Channel uploaded a new Pokemon Sun And Moon trailer. The trailer revealed the new Pokemon, new Alola Forms, as well as Z-Moves, coming to the upcoming Pokemon games, Pokemon Sun And Moon.

The trailer starts off by showcasing the new Alola forms coming to Pokemon Sun And Moon. These Alola forms change the appearance as well as the Type of the Pokemon. The Pokemon Exeggutor is a Grass and Psychic type Pokemon, but in it’s Alola form, Exeggutor turns into a Grass and Dragon type Pokemon.

Vulpix and Ninetales are Fire type Pokemon, but in the Alola Forms, Vulpix turns into a Ice type Pokemon from a Fire type, and Ninetales turns into an Ice and Fairy type Pokemon. The ground type Pokemon Sandshrew transforms into an Ice type Pokemon, while it’s evolution, Sandslash, transforms into an Ice and Steel type Pokemon.

The trailer also revealed new forms of the Pokemon Oricorio, the Dancing Pokemon. In Pokemon Sun And Moon, instead one large region, trainers will travel to different islands as their journey progresses. There are four islands in the Alola region, the Pokemon Oricorio changes its form depending on which island its on. Orcorio’s ability Dance, allows it to copy the opponent’s stats buff.

Pokemon Sun & Moon Oricorio's Unique Styles

New Pokemon were also revealed in the trailer. The Rock and Flying type, Minior, is a new Pokemon with the Shield Down ability. When the ability, Shield Down, is activated, Minior’s outer shell breaks, exposing Minior’s Core.

Yungoos’ evolution has also been revealed. The Pokemon, Gumgoos, is a normal type Pokemon with the ability Stakeout/Strong Jaw. The Pokemon Fomantis, and its evolution form Lurantis are Grass type Pokemon with the ability Leaf Guard. Lurantis can also learn a new attack move called Solar Blade. Similar to Solar Beam, Solar Blade takes a turn to charge, and then unleashes a powerful attack on the second turn. Mudsdale’s devolved form, Mudbray, is another new Pokemon revealed in the trailer. Mudbray is a Ground type Pokemon, similar to Mudsdale, and has the ability Own Tempo / Stamina.

During their journey through the region of Alola, players will have to complete challenges and pass trial. The Trial Captains from each island will give the player a trial to complete.

At the end of each trial, trainer will have to face the powerful Totem Pokemon. Totem Pokemon will be harder to defeat than normal Pokemon, and they can call for help, adding another enemy to the battle.Pokemon Sun & Moon Totem challenge

After defeating the Totem Pokemon and completing their trials, player will then be able to challenge the Island’s Kahuna. The Kahuna is one of the most powerful trainers on each island.

Pokemon Sun & Moon The Kahuna of Melemele Island

Z-Moves were also announced in the trailer. Z-Moves are very powerful attacks that can only be used once per Battle, and there is a Z-Move for every type. The trailer showcased the Electric type Z-Move, Gigavolt Havoc; Leaf type Z-Move, Bloom Doom; Fire type Z-Move, Inferno Overdrive; and the Water type Z-Move, Hydro Vortex.

A few weeks ago, we reported on 6 new Pokemon that were revealed by the same channel. Pokemon Sun And Moon comes out on November 18th, for Nintendo 3DS.

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