New Pokemon GO Update Makes Changes To Gyms And More

Niantic Labs has released a new Pokemon GO update for their augmented reality game. The update makes tons of new changes to the game and makes gym battles a lot easier.

The new Pokemon GO update mainly focuses on the gyms in the game. Niantic Labs stated that players will now have a greater chance to takeover an opposing team’s gym after defeating its leader. The update also makes changes to the prestige level of a gym. The amount of Prestige gained by training at a friendly Gym has been lowered.

Pokemon GO Update

The reward system has also been changed. Players will now earn less clout when training at a gym that belongs to their own team. These changes aim to encourage low level players to challenge gyms, and this also means that high level players can takeover opposing team gyms a lot more easily.

The Pokemon GO update added a new feature that was not mentioned in the patch notes. Previously, players who were driving were unable to access PokeStops if they were over a certain speed limit. However, if you were a passenger, you could access the PokeStops in your vicinity. Niantic Labs has made change to this feature.

Pokemon GO's Upcoming Update Adds Daily Bonuses

Players have reported that they can no longer access PokeStops when they are over a certain speed limit, regardless of them being a driver or a passenger. This is a change that everyone is complaining about. Niantic Labs has really taken a step backwards with this change. Hopefully they will fix this issue which almost everyone is complaining about. The update is now available for both Android and iOS devices.

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