New Pokemon GO Update Makes Transferring Pokemon Easier

Pokemon GO developers, Niantic Labs, have released a brand new update for their augmented reality game. The update makes a few much needed changes to the game, which make Pokemon GO a lot more convenient.

A major change that the update implements, is the ability to transfer multiple Pokemon over to Professor Willow. Prior to the update, players had to select and transfer Pokemon one by one. After downloading the update, players can now mark Pokemon in their Pokedex screen and transfer them all at once.

The update also made changes to the gym battles. Before starting up a gym battle, players can see the type of Pokemon they are about to face, as well as the candy count for that Pokemon and the total distance the Pokemon has traveled with its trainer.

The update is now live on both iOS and Android devices. Niantic Labs recently revealed that they will be releasing more updates before the year concludes. They also talked about their partnership with Sprint, which makes every Sprint, Boost Mobile and Sprint at Radioshack stores a PokeStop or a Gym.

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Niantic Labs also revealed that they will be adding more Pokemon to Pokemon GO in the near future. Niantic will share more information on December 12th.

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