New Pokemon Sun and Moon info leaked; talks about Evos, Kalos, NX and more

Some new information for Pokemon Sun and Moon has supposedly leaked on 4Chan and it sounds pretty legit. The leaker talks about a ton of things including new Pokemon and their evolutions, areas featured in the game, the existence of Kalos as a nearby region and much more.

The leak also talks about the Nintendo NX and claims it to be a dual handheld and console hybrid. He also says Nintendo is working on a Pokemon console game for the NX featuring multiple regions and is planned to release next year in September.

Before reading further please note that this is a 4Chan leak and could very well be fake, take the information with a grain of salt.

Pokemon Sun & Moon Totem challenge

There’s a ton of stuff to read here so without further wait, check it out all below:

  • Alola is made up of 4 islands, Melemele, Poni, Ula’Ula, and Akala.
  • Post game has 4 “Island Districts” that aren’t viewable on the map. Ekahi Island, Elua Island, Ekolu Island, and Kalola Island.
  • Kalos is not available post-game, but Hoomaka Cave on Kalola Island holds a huge easter egg I believe. Deep inside there is a dark entrance guarded by a backpacker that states the railroad is closed for now and only a Pokémon that emits a special light can ignite the way to the other side. No Pokémon in your party will allow you to enter for now.
  • Rockruff has 3 evolutions similar to Eevee in RBY. All of them require learning “Howl”.
  • Salandit has a split evolution line at level 36, one for Male and one for Female. There are 16 Z-Stones, 18 total, with a Trial Captain for 16 of the types. Guzma and Plumeria are holders of the missing Dark and Poison Z-Stones.
  • Some Pokémon can change shape/stats after they perform a Z-Move. These include Greninja (Rainbow), Solgaleo (Radiant), Lunala (Full Moon), Marshadow (Eclipse), Espeon (Dawn), and Umbreon (Dusk).
  • All 47 Mega Stones are accessible on the island districts. There aren’t any new Mega Evolutions.
  • There are a total of 128 new Pokémon and 23 Alolan forms. These Alolan forms are all Gen 1 exclusive Pokémon.
  • Alolan form Pokémon that are capable of Mega Evolving can do so, Alakazam and Kangaskahn are among these.
  • Marshadow, an extremely gorgeous dolphin, has a jewel on its head that emit sparkles so bright, that its seen as the emissary of light. It’s stats are pretty underwhelming, but it has a cool ability that allows it to have any Psychic type combination. The second type is random every time it enters the battle field. Even switching out causes it to change.
  • The Strange Souvenir item in XY depicts a Ghost/Rock Pokémon from Alola named Gigareki. It’s a giant tiki (different from the Tapu lines) that has an amazing laughing animation when you battle with it. It is said to be the oldest living Pokémon, and seen as a “Teacher” in many ways.
  • The NX will be a dual handheld/console set for release next year. Sept 2017 there will be a parent game that features both regions of XYSM exclusive to this console.
  • Rainbow Greninja will be revealed by TPC on Aug 21.
  • Alolan Alakazam family are fighting type. Alolan Alakazam can mega evolve, keeps the fighting type, and gains No Guard.
  • Yes. The Z-Bracelet is a key item in your backpack. Selecting it allows you to place 1 mega stone and 1 z stone inside of it. This allows for more crazy strategies because your Mega Pokémon can now hold items like Rayquaza due to this.
  • The first district you’re taken too has a slightly upgraded Battle Maison. One of the districts has a Lugia/Ho-Oh depending on your version.
  • All Champions from previous games are able to battled on the S.S. Anne while they’re bored. The S.S. Anne brings you to the districts.
  • Rainbow Greninja is technically Ash Greninja but with a name change. It will be revealed in the closing ceremony at World’s 2016.
  • Meowth that knows “Happy Hour” and OT Alola will be distributed at World’s. Cherish Ball.
  • If you add 128 to our existing 721 roster, that means Generation 8 will only need to introduce 151 Pokemon (like a reboot) to bring our total count to 1000.

Some of these things sound crazy but judging by recent trailers and information released, Nintendo is doing a lot of things different with Pokemon Sun and Moon. I really hope most of these are real except for the Z Bracelet holding the Mega Stone instead of the Pokemon, don’t want to make them them too powerful.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon releases for the Nintendo 3DS on November 18.

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