New Pokemon Sun And Moon Global Mission Revealed

pokemon sun and moon

Back in November, the first Pokemon Sun and Moon Global Mission went live. With all the hype surrounding the event, it was not as successful as everyone thought it would be.

Nintendo set an absurd goal for the community which they were unable to complete. The first Pokemon Sun and Moon Global Mission required players to catch 100 million Pokemon. Unfortunately, the community failed to complete the mission, and fell short. Players only managed to capture 16.5 million Pokemon.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Global Mission

This time around, players have been given a more reasonable mission. In the second Pokemon Sun and Moon Global Mission, players have to capture or defeat 1 million Pokemon. However, these Pokemon have to be discovered using the Island Scan feature. The Island Scan feature can be obtained my scanning QR codes in the game. Accumulate 100 points by scanning QR codes to get the Island Scan feature.

By using the Island Scan feature, players can find Pokemon that are from other regions like Hoenn, Kanto. Johto, etc. This allows players to catch Pokemon from previous generations, and helps players catch as many different kinds of Pokemon as possible.

Pokemon GO Holiday Event Goes Live On Christmas Day

The upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon Global Event will start on December 27 4:00 UTC (8PM Monday December 26 PST | 11:00 PM EST) and it will run until January 9th 2017 23:59 UTC.

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