New Pokemon Sun & Moon Trailer Reveals Starter Evolutions And More

pokemon sun and moon

The Official Pokemon Channel just released a new trailer for Pokemon Sun & Moon. The trailer revealed some new Pokemon, and announced the return of Mega Evolutions.

The trailer revealed the evolutions of the starter Pokemon in Pokemon Sun & Moon. The Grass/Flying starter, Rowlet, evolves into Dartrix. The Fire starter, Litten, evolves into Torracat, and the Water starter, Popplio, evolves into Brionne. The abilities of all the starters remain the same throughout the evolutions. You can check out the evolutions in the images below:

The trailer also introduced a new area in the game called the Festival Plaza. In the Festival Plaza, you can meet other players, and fulfill their requests to earn yourself Festival Coins, which can be used in the Shops located in the area.

New Trailer For Pokemon Sun And Moon Reveals Ultra Beasts

Pokemon Sun & Moon also has a new PC feature. Now, when you deposit your Pokemon into the PC, they can be sent to one of three islands. The Abeens Isle is a place where you can attract wild Pokemon, which may join your team. The Aphun Isle is a place where your Pokemon can look for rare items which can help you on your journey. The Evelup Isle is a place where you can leave your Pokemon to train and become stronger.

Since the announcement of Pokemon Sun & Moon, fans have been wonder if the Mega Evolutions will be making a return. Today, the trailer confirmed that Mega Evolutions are coming back in Pokemon Sun & Moon, as it shows Mega Lucario, Mega Kangaskhan and Mega Salamence in action.

The Pokemon Sun & Moon demo will be available on October 18th, and the full game will be available on November 18th.

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