New Pokemon And Team Skull Revealed In New Pokemon Sun & Moon Trailer

pokemon sun and moon

After releasing a trailer earlier this month, The Official Pokemon Channel just uploaded a new trailer for Pokemon Sun & Moon. The trailer showcased some new Pokemon, new Pokemon Alola forms, and Team Skull.

The trailer starts off by revealing new Pokemon from the upcoming game. The first new Pokemon revealed in the trailer is a Water type Pokemon called WishiWashi, who has the ability called Schooling. After reaching a certain level, multiple WishiWashi combine to make WishiWashi’s School Form, which is an evolutionary state of WishiWashi.

Pyukumuku is another water type Pokemon that was revealed in the trailer. Pyukumuku has the ability called Innards out. This ability deals damage to the opponent when Pyukumuku faints in battle.

Pokemon Sun & Moon Pyukumuku

Morelull was the final new Pokemon revealed in the trailer. The Grass/Fairy type Pokemon, Morelull, has the ability known as Illuminate/Effect Spore. The Illuminate ability increases the likelihood of meeting wild Pokemon while the Effect Spore ability causes poison, paralyze or sleep effect on contact.

Pokemon Sun & Moon Morelull

The trailer also revealed the villains of Pokemon Sun & Moon, Team Skull. Team Skull is led by Guzma, the head of Team Skull, and Plumeria, the Admin of Team Skull. The trailer also showcased the grunts that players will be facing during their journey through the Alola region.

Three brand new Alola Forms were also revealed in the trailer. Meowth’s Alola Form turns it from a Normal type Pokemon to a Dark type Pokemon. Marowak’s Alola Form turns it from a Ground type Pokemon to a Dark and Fire type Pokemon. Raichu’s Alola form turns it into an Electric and Psychic type Pokemon from just an Electric type Pokemon.

Pokemon Sun & Moon comes out November 16th in North America, November 18th Worldwide, and November 23rd in Europe for the Nintendo 3DS.

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