New Potential PS5 Backward Compatibility Patent Filed By Sony Tries To Emulate Bus Operation Of Legacy Devices

Sony has registered a new patent in Japan that just screams PS5 Backward Compatibility.

The patent was published yesterday and is registered to Sony Interactive Entertainment. It further lists one of the inventors to be Mark Cerny, the lead architect of the PS4. Cerny is assumed to be leading development of the PS5 as well.

The title of the patent is “Simulation of legacy bus operation for backward compatibility”, which when you put all the clues together means just one thing. The patent was registered alongside the previously reported “CPUID impersonating” method but was published almost a month later.

A “bus” in technical terms refers to the communication system between the different components inside electronic or computer devices. When reading in detail, the patent mentions Sony using the method to deal with bus interface related issues when executing a legacy application on a new device. The method that Sony patented helps emulate the bus operation of the device the legacy application was designed for. Furthermore, the method can possibly adjust bus performance as well, which could result in “enhanced remasters” something that we covered back in October.

The two patents mentioned, CPUID and Bus Interface, go hand in hand and we expect both of them to be part of the overall Emulation process. PS5 Backward Compatibility is almost a given right now going by the amount of patents that have showed up already and industry people commenting on the possible existence of the feature.

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