New PS4 Model CUH-2200 Released By Sony, Potentially To Combat Hacking Exploits

It has been a few years since the PS4 launched and the hardware at least 3 major revisions so far. There are also internal updated builds that have been released separate from the hardware revisions and they are usually released with updated components.

It was recently discovered that Sony has now started to ship a new PS4 hardware model CUH-2200. This PS4 is currently only available in Japan and it is available to pre-order from retailers there. It is a step up from the current hardware model CUH-2100, which was first released in 2017. You can see its detail from BicCamera, one of the retailers in Japan. It is available in 500 GB, 1 TB Jet Black and in 1 TB White Glacier version.

PS4 has been cracked open for piracy and currently, its games are getting dumped online on various trackers. It is entirely possible that this new hardware model has fixed any security loophole that might have existed with the previous model. Sony has a history of silently dropping these hardware changes across the life cycle of their console and the same was true for the PS3.

There are some things to consider though, mostly that it still feels like a minor revision for the hardware. It is still not out of the possibility that this revision has been released now after seeing the rise of PS4 piracy everywhere. The current method still requires the user to be on a specific lower firmware, but there is always the chance that Sony has now fixed the exploit through both hardware and software upgrade.

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