New PS4 model silently makes its way to Europe

It appears that the new PS4 hardware revision (CUH-12xx) has silently made its way to store shelves across Europe. This new model for Sony’s current generation platform is particularly interesting, as it comes with a more power-efficient design. As a result, it produces less heat and runs quieter than the earlier PS4 models.

The new model was first spotted at GAME stores across the UK by a member of the Neogaf forums. Subsequently, another member also confirmed its availability in the Netherlands. The European model number for the updated console is CUH-1216, with the last digit denoting the region. The user from the Netherlands went on to share some pictures of his latest purchase, which can be seen below.



Neogaf members from Europe who now own the new PS4 model shed provided some interesting tidbits regarding their latest purchase. One user mentioned that his new PS4 is quieter than the earlier model that he has in his possession.  Another user discussed that the new mechanical power and eject buttons felt “loose” and “cheap” in comparison to the touch sensitive ones found on earlier models. In addition, the user said that the light bar on the top is less pronounced and doesn’t look as appealing as it did on his last console.

Recently on Twitter, game designer Hideo Kojima has also confirmed that the PS4 included in the forthcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain limited edition bundle will have these latest specs. The tweet can be seen below.

Are you planning on swapping out your PS4 with this lighter, less noisy and power-efficient version of the console? Let us know in the comments below.

Muhammad Ali Bari

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