New PS4 system update causing Disc Read issues

Most of the time system updates tend to be completely safe and tend to add new features while fixing known bugs. Sometimes though these updates can break certain things while attempting to fix something else. I remember an update breaking my PS3’s Blu-ray player which was very annoying. Playstation 4 owners have been reporting a similar issue with the PS4 giving them Disc Read issues after the recent 2.55 update.

The issue comes up when owners put in a new disc which leads to the console not reading the disc at all. The solution to this is to restart the console which will allow the disc to be read. The console also gives the three beep noise when its turned off indicating a console crash. Players should also avoid using Rest Mode and instead opting to shut down their consoles completely as the bug comes up often when booting up from Rest Mode.


Here’s to hoping Sony puts out an update to fix this soon as the bug can be quite annoying albeit not console breaking.

Facing this Disc Read problem with your Playstation 4? Did the fix work for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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