New Resident Evil 2 DLC unlocks all in-game unlockables for $5

Capcom has released a new DLC for Resident Evil 2 that will get you all of the game’s unlockable content for a one time price of $5.

The DLC is called All In-game Rewards DLC and is available now on PSN, Microsoft Store and Steam. The DLC will unlock a whole bunch of things including all extra campaigns including The 4th Survivor starring Hunk and Tofu Survivor. To unlock them normally you’d have to complete them under certain conditions which may prove to be “too hard” for some players.

Players will also get the unlockable weapons including the Samurai Edge, Rocket Launcher and Unlimited Knifes. The aforementioned weapons have unlimited ammo.

Lastly players will get all the extra concept and model art that is viewable from the main menu.

The DLC basically gets you everything you can unlock for a price, so the players who don’t want to spend extra time unlocking everything can get the unlockables by buying this DLC.

Resident Evil 2 is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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