New off-screen shots and video of PS4 UI emerge from Taiwan Conference

PS4 UI hasn’t been shown properly in any official videos yet but we have gotten plenty of off-screen or unofficial shots from various sources. We saw some beautiful shots of the new UI in a recent conference at Taiwan for the announcement of PlayStation 4 launch there.

These new shots show the main menu, the login screen, the browser among others. You can check them out below.

ps4-ui-3 ps4-ui-2 ps4-ui-1

There is a whole new set of Playroom pictures as well, courtesy of GNN. These shots show the Playroom for PlayStation 4 and also shows the second screen usage on a PlayStation VITA.

Additionally, a video was also released that showed the multitasking capability of PS4 while playing Knack. Internet browser was opened and remote play was also shown along with it. Check it out here.

PlayStation 4 launch for Taiwan was also announced at this conference. According to the official statement, PlayStation 4 will be launching in Taiwan on December 18th and will cost NT$12,980.

Via (NeoGAF) (GNN) (GameBase Taiwan)

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