New Story Trailer Explains Prey’s Alternative History

Bethesda Softworks has just released a brand new story trailer for their upcoming game Prey. The trailer, titled Prey – The History of TranStar, explores some of alternative history of the Prey universe and provides insight into how the Talos I research space station came into being.

The trailer shows how the Soviet Union launched the Vorona I satellite in 1958 to get ahead in the ongoing space race, only to have the mission fail, and their astronauts die at the hands of non-terrestrial alien life forms. A joint effort was then lead by the USA and the Soviet Union in 1963 called the Kletka program, a permanent installation in space intended to keep the alien life forms contained.

However, the partnership was short lived due to the attempt on the life of US president John F. Kennedy, who managed to survive the assassination attempt in this alternative future. After returning to office President Kennedy took control of the project and in the next 20 years, built it into a fully fledged research station where the alien life forms were studied for potential military or commercial applications.


Following a containment breach in 1998 that resulted in the alien life forms, now named Typhon, killing an entire research team, the space station was shut down and abandoned. Over 30 years later, the space station was acquired by the TranStar corporation and molded into the the innovative research station that it is now.


It is here that the story of Morgan Yu takes place, after the character awakens to find the entire station overrun by the Typhon. With the use of mysterious alien powers, Morgan must survive the invasion, all the while uncovering the mysteries surrounding the station and save humanity from impending doom.

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Prey is set for a release on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the PC sometime in 2017. The game is not a sequel or a remake of the original Prey, but should instead be looked at as a re-imagining of the IP.

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