New Titanfall Companion App Available For Download

Respawn Entertainment have launched their new Companion App for their first person shooter, Titanfall. The App is available on the Google Play, iTunes App Store and the Windows Store and the best part is, it’s Free!

As the App is directly linked with Electronic Arts, it provides a lot of information for the players who play Titanfall. The Companion app notifies you when there is a new update out and it provides information about the weapons, characters, maps, modes, and controls so it essentially tells you everything you need to know about the game.

You can also connect the app to your Xbox One while playing Titanfall. This will turn your mobile phone into a second screen, which can be used to view a full-size and interactive mini-map as well as giving you the ability to view the scoreboard in real time which means that whenever someone gets a kill or dies, the scoreboard on your mobile device will update showing you the changes.

The Titanfall Companion App is very useful and definitely worth a look, if you are interested in downloading this new app, then follow the links below:

Apple device click here
Android device click here
Windows Phone click here

Have you used this new companion app? Let us know in the comments below.

Abdullah Raza


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