New Titanfall Game Modes In Development; Respawn Explains Playlist Changes

We saw the release of the new Expedition DLC for Titanfall a couple of days ago, along with a new game update. The game update made a lot of new changes to the PC version of the game but no one knew the reason behind one of the changes made in the update, which was the playlist update.

Players who play Titanfall on the PC might have noticed the change to the playlist which removed the game modes, Capture the Flag and Pilot Hunter, from the playlist. Respawn responded by saying that they are amazed by how many people play game modes like Attrition and Hardpoints. However, Capture the Flag and Pilot Hunter do not attract enough players and no one is interested in them. So after a long discussion, the studios came to the conclusion of removing the game modes from the playlist.

Titanfall swampland 2

They revealed that they are working on new game modes which will hopefully attract far more traffic then Capture The Flag and Pilot Hunters. Capture the Flag and Pilot Hunter will still be a part of the rotating playlists and no game modes have been removed from the Private Matches.

Here is the letter written by Respawn Entertainment on Titanfall’s official website:

Yesterday we removed CTF and Pilot Hunter as separate playlists in the PC version of Titanfall. This has generated a lot of discussion with the PC community and we’d like to like to address your issues as openly as possible. We have an amazing and large PC audience with the vast majority of users predominantly playing Attrition and Hardpoints game modes. CTF and Pilot Hunter have not been widely used modes on the PC version. Players trying to access these modes had overlong wait times to find other users and it was making for a poor experience. We want to make sure that not only is there compelling content in the playlists we offer, but that the experience of joining a match works well. We’re tracking what playlists players are choosing, and we’re going to continue to look at unpopular playlists and add new ones on both platforms.

We’re currently working on those new modes and updates and can’t wait to share the details with you. We will still rotate Pilot Hunter and CTF in for future playlists as well as adding new riffs on game types that Respawn is currently working on. Our goal is to have a wide variety of playlists that are popular and changing. That said, we will not remove modes from Private Matches, so there will always be the option to select them for competitive and personal play. Thanks for your understanding as we try to make Titanfall a better experience for everyone.

Are you upset with the changes made to the playlists? Are you excited for the new game modes Respawn is working on? Let us know in the comments below.

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