New Titanfall Game Update Coming Soon, Introduces Black Market And More

The developers of Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment, revealed some information regarding Game Update 5 which will be coming to Xbox One and PC at the end of the month and to the Xbox 360 at a later date. Respawn talked about the update during a live stream and revealed that the game update will be released alongside the upcoming Titanfall DLC called Frontier’s Edge.

An interesting feature which the update will introduce to the game is the Black Market. The Black Market will have its own in-game currency called Credits. Players will not be able to buy Credits with real-life money so there will be no microtransactions. Players will earn Credits by completing Daily Challenges, Winning Matches, Completing Matches, First Victory of the Day and by selling Burn Cards which they don’t need. Credits can be used to purchase Burn Card packs and Titan Insignia. The Titan Insignia is another feature which will be a part of the update.

Respawn’s Designer, David Shaver, shared more information regarding the Black Market on a blog on the Titanfall website.

Titan Insignia

Titan Insignia

The Black Market introduces a set of Titan Insignias that are themed as the official insignias of elite units on both the IMC and Militia. Once you purchase an Insignia in the Black Market, they will be available with the rest of your Titan Insignias in the Titan Custom Loadout screens.

Burn Packs

Burn Packs


Players will now be able to purchase Burn Card packs which will give them specific types of cards.

Standard Pack

The update also includes some much needed improvements and fixes a lot of bugs. The update aims to implement some significant fixes and performance optimizations for the 120HZ bug, frame rate issues, screen tearing, and bandwidth.

Game Update 5 and the new Titanfall DLC called Frontier’s Edge, goes live on the 31st of July.

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