New Tournament Collection Is a Big Opportunity for the Gacha Players

Online casinos try various things to offer a quality gambling experience to the customers. They offer lucrative incentives, promotional offers, enticing games, tournaments, and much more. Tournaments are among the most popular offering by the casino that is responsible for the huge popularity of poker. Poker tournaments are not similar to cash games. Unlike cash games, the stack size in tournaments is changed constantly with every pot lose or won. Plus, the antes and blinds are also increased. In a nutshell, poker tournaments are really fun as they enrich the gameplay experience.

888 Poker, one of the most recognized online casinos in the industry, has a revamped tournament plan. In its new tournament schedule, players can play more options in the game. The casino confirms that it won’t go with its same traditional events, as it is focusing on a new set of well-organized and new tournaments. Let’s find out what they have on offer.

What Will Be Offered in this New Collection?

The casino provider has added various new things, and these are the most important new things:

  • Limited re-entries
  • Higher payouts
  • Various improved options for the players
  • Players will see more tournaments at the prime time in the evening

Players will also get higher guaranteed prize money every week with more than $500,000. The number of PKO (Progressive Knockout) tournaments has been increased along with more tournaments with $10,000 guaranteed prize money.

New Revamped Tournaments on Offer

The new collection of tournaments is intended to offer an enhanced gaming experience. This tournament aims to serve recreational players. The games will be short in time and will have a higher payout.

There are plenty of new events, including PKO event every day turbos, deepstacks, freezeouts. There will also be 6-max tournaments. Let’s take a look at these new tournaments offered at 888 Poker:

The Big Shot

This is the main event that has the biggest prize pools. It is conducted every day at the prime hours.

The Classic

Another event is the classic, where players can play the “old skool” way. It is a freezeout with late enrollment.

The Dash

For the players who like quick games, then these tournaments are made for you. Players can enjoy thrilling turbo games here.

The Mayhem:

In these tournament events, players can enjoy 6-max tournaments that render an action-packed gambling experience.

The Rumble

This is the part where players can play progressive knockout tournaments. You can knock out other players and win unlimited bounties.

The Voyage

Have some relaxing time, and you can play deepstack tournaments here.

Players can enjoy these incredible tournaments that are suitable to their different budgets and time. If you think you have skill in poker, you can walk away with some decent prize money.

Massive Giveaway Promotion

In this revamped tournament collection, 888Poker has got something for every player. The casino is offering more than $200,000 in tickets as well as a seat to new tournaments.

Players can get the tickets through Winner Spinner, Gift Drops, and Discount Sale (available for 888Poker loyalty club members)

Players have more chances of winning in Gift Drop prizes because random prizes are distributed among all the players randomly. Plus, players can grab “no-ticket needed” from freerolls, allowing the tickets and seats daily to the new tournaments. Most tickets would be available through these freerolls, so you should not miss them.

Note: The promotional giveaway offers are available only from February 25 to April 2.

Essential Poker Tournament Tips for New Players

You can easily register and take part in 888Poker tournaments. It is fun, and if you have proper knowledge, you can increase your chances of winning here. In case you are new to poker tournaments, the guide mentioned below will help you. However, the basic knowledge of the game is required to play poker.

Chips Equal Survival

As we said, poker tournaments are not similar to cash games. You can refill new money in your account in other games if you lose, but you have to play with tokens or chips in poker tournaments. Thus, once you have lost all of your tokens, you are done in the tournament for the day or event. So, it is important to have proper financial management. Tokens or chips in your account are your survival.

Follow The 10 To 1 Rule

In poker tournaments, it is not that a player with a strong hand always wins. When you have a bigger wallet compared to the other participants, you can call all-in and knock them out. This way, you can eliminate others even when you don’t have a strong hand. However, you can apply this strategy in small stake games, and your bankroll is ten times bigger than others. You can get in trouble when you have a weak hand, and the opponent’s bankroll is bigger than yours.

Choose the Operator Very Wisely

It is also very important to select the online casino platform very wisely. The development of technologies has made hundreds of poker websites online. That is why we have helped you with it in this article. You can choose the 888poker platform, which offers a totally revamped poker tournament experience. It is one of the best and reputable online poker platforms. You can check all the details regarding tournaments in the above section or visit their website.

M-Ratio Is Important

M-ratio refers to the number of rounds you can survive in the game if you post bets or blinds. A player can assess his bankroll and find M-ratio by knowing how long he can go and wait for the right before being knocked out by blind bets. If your M is over 20, you are in the green zone. If you have a ratio between 20-10, you need to be cautious because you don’t have much time to wait for the right opportunity. Lastly, if you have M-ratio between 10-5, you can get in trouble if you wait for more time.

Observe the Principles of Short-Handed Play

In tournaments, when only a few players are left, you are in a short-handed game. Smart players must have strategies to play wisely so that their past winning not becomes their losing amount. Here, players have to engage in more hands, plus such hands have more value as there are few players. You have to go aggressively, as most players don’t have an idea where they are in the game due to average hands. Thus, playing aggressively can increase your chances of winning.

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