New Trailer For Pokemon Sun And Moon Reveals Ultra Beasts

Nintendo has just released yet another new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, and this time we get a look at 2 brand new Pokemon, the Alolan Raticate, the Aether Foundation and the mysterious new Ultra beasts.

First we take a look at the Alolan Raticate whose previous form, the Alolan Rattata, was revealed in the last trailer. The Alolan Raticate is the Alolan counterpart of the Pokemon Raticate found in previous games, and features a new cosmetic design as well as the change from Normal type to the Dark/Normal type. It’s special ability is Gluttony/Hustle, and it is also larger and heavier than it’s regular counter part.

The two new Pokemon introduced in the trailer are:

Name: Type: Null (Normal)


Null is a synthetic Pokemon made from the strengths of various other Pokemon, which enables it to adapt to any situation easily. The mask on it’s head is an extremely heavy piece of equipment that has been designed to keep it’s latent powers in check, as well as to hinder it’s agility. Type: Null’s special ability is Battle Armor.

Name: Jangmo-o (Dragon)


Jangmo-o is a Scaly Pokemon that uses the scales on it’s head for both offense and defense purposes. These Pokemon gather in harsh locales like canyons, devoid of all human and Pokemon alike, in order to live and train together. Jangmo-o’s special ability is Bulletproof/Soundproof.


Also making it’s debut is the Aether Foundation, an institution located in the Alola region who’s goal is to care for injured Pokemon, as well as conducting various types of research. The Foundation is located on the artificial island of Aether Paradise, where the player will be able to visit during their adventure.

And finally, the trailer revealed the existence of the mysterious Ultra Beasts that threaten the safety of the Alola Region. These creatures possess incredible power and are even under research by the Aether Foundation. Multiple Ultra Beasts currently exist and each of them has a code name associated with them. The Ultra Beast revealed in the trailer was:

Name: UB-01

ultra beast

It’s body is composed of a glass-like substance that is constantly changing shapes. No evidence exists whether UB-01 possesses any emotions or even a will of its own, but It is said that its movements resemble those of a young girl.

Pokemon Sun And Moon Reveals Alolan Rattata And Pulverizing Snorlax

Pokemon Sun And Pokemon Moon are set to release on 18th November, 2016 for the Nintendo 3DS. You can learn more about Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, as well as the new Pokemon set to appear in the games, here.

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