New Trailer Released For Hitman’s Season Finale

Hitman’s episode 6 is finally upon us, and as celebration of the release of the highly anticipated season finale, IO Interactive has just released a brand new trailer for the episode.

The accolades trailer, seen below, recounts and overviews the events leading up to the finale in the previous five episodes, all the while setting the stage for the conclusion. Episode 6 will take place in Hokkaido, Japan in the exclusive GAMA private hospital and resort and the mission this time around is named “Situs Inversus”.

You can check out the full overview of the episode below.

  • New Destination: Hokkaido, Japan.
  • New Story mission: Situs Inversus
  • 7 new Guided Opportunities for “Situs Inversus”
  • 20 levels of Hokkaido Mastery, with the following unlocks:
    • 9 new Hokkaido ‘Starting Locations’
    • 7 new Hokkaido ‘Agency Pickup Locations’
    • 6 new weapon/gear unlocks
  • New suit for Hokkaido: VIP Patient
  • 70+ Hokkaido-specific challenges
  • 7 new trophies/achievements
  • New ‘The Sarajevo Six’ Contract. Target 6: The Controller. (PlayStation 4 Exclusive)
  • Note: Agent 47 starts in Hokkaido with a limited loadout. Upon reaching Mastery level 20, the full loadout will be available.


Previous episodes have seen Agent 47 heading to ParisSapienzaMarrakeshBangkok, Colorado and with this episode he will finally be arriving in Japan.

Hitman's Season Finale Will Be Set In Hokkaido

The finale is out now and is available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the PC.

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