New Trailer Released For Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Red Crow

Following the release of multiple teasers by Ubisoft for Rainbow Six Siege’s newest expansion, we now have a full trailer for Operation Red Crow.

The trailer, shown below, not only gives us a detailed look at the new Skyscraper map, but also gives us further insight into the two new Japanese S.A.T. operators, Hibana and Echo. We also get a much longer look at their unique weapons and abilities, that we were only given minor glimpses of until now.

Yumiko Imagawa (Hibana) is the fast, armored attacker who excels at destroying barricades. She is equipped with a unique 40mm launcher named the X-KAIROS that she developed in collaboration with fellow Operator Thermite, and is able to fire multiple explosives at the same time. This can be used to not only create new pathways for you and your team, but can also be used as a distraction.


Masaru Enatsu (Echo) is the defender of the two. He is a robotics prodigy who can utilize the Yokai drone to not only cruise along the floor but to also perch up on ceilings and walls. The drone allows for versatile visibility though its camera feed and is able to unleash ultrasonic bursts that daze all nearby targets.


Operation Red Crow also brings with it some customization options such as new weapon skins based on Japanese art. The expansion also adds Elite sets, which are coordinated player assets like a matching uniform, headgear, an Operator card, an Operator name, a signature victory animation and a charm. The first of these to be released are the Vympel, L Detachment, and Vintage Bureau sets, which will be available for operatives Kapkan, Sledge, and Thermite.

Rainbow Six Siege Will Recieve Another Year Of Content

Operation Red Crow will go live tomorrow, at which point the 2 new Operators will be available exclusively to Season Pass holders till 24th November. All other players will then be able to unlock them using Renown or R6 credits. The new map will be available to everyone on 17th November.

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