New Valorant update bricking PCs, here’s how to fix it

Valorant, the super popular fps by Riot Games, is having issues on PC.

The game’s latest update has started causing some PCs to freeze and restart. The update has since been pulled but if you already installed the update then here’s what you need to do.

The issue apparently stemmed from an incompatibility between the FACEIT application (which is used for matchmaking, anti-cheat and stuff) and the newest Vanguard update.

The first solution you can try is to remove Vanguard by uninstalling it from your PC, and then reinstall it from scratch.

The other solution is to update the FACEIT application, which has a new update out. Installing that overrides the incompatibility causing the whole problem.

Do note that these simple solutions are temporary fixes to help you on an urgent basis, a proper solution will be released via a future game update, which should be here promptly.

This isn’t the first issue like this plaguing Valorant as other minor issues are still persistent in the game that Riot Games is working hard to fix. The most notable is probably the ‘Low Client FPS’ error which randomly pops up and brings down your FPS harshly, making the game practically unplayable.

Developers Riot Games, the people behind League of Legends which is one of the most popular games of all time, started working on Valorant back in 2014. The game was revealed as Project A back in 2019 and released in June of 2020. Drawing distinct comparisons to tactical FPS games like Counter Strike and Overwatch, Valorant has proved to be both a critical and financial success for the company. The game put doubters to bed who claimed Riot was a one trick pony with LoL. Valorant is also provided to be quite successful as an eSport, with brands like 100 Thieves and TSM spending big money to fill up their rosters with high profile players.

Although Valorant is PC exclusive for now, developers have stated in interviews in the past that they’re currently prototyping ports for consoles however the ports will only happen if the dev team is able to accurately deliver the same experience for players as on PC. You could play the game with a controller if you’re a console-main player like me for FPS games like Call of Duty for example but there are a couple of drawbacks. The main one is that there is no aim-assist, which if you versed in FPS games should know is essential when playing with a controller. The Vanguard anti-cheat software could also flag you, which shows its drawbacks considering playing the game with a controller isn’t really disallowed. Getting a flag or ban this way results in a hardware ban, which could be quite the problem.

Overall Riot Games isn’t having the best month, other than the issues messing up the user experience of people playing the game, they’re also under controversy on the competitive side. They recently fined eSport org 100 Thieves after an argument with the team’s coach regarding fair ping advantage. 100 Thieves made the issue public as they felt they were wrong and people are going crazy over it.

Valorant is available now PC.

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